What is the Metafilter Compilation Album?

A collection of musical recordings by members of Metafilter, a collaborative weblog. The compilation is a genre-hopping mix of rock, pop, electronic, folk, blues, &c—a fittingly diverse analog for Metafilter itself.

This is a nice-looking CD, right?

You know it. This will not be some cdr + magic marker project; the CD you receive will be a professionally mastered and duplicated audio disc in attractive, mefite-designed jewel case packaging.

Why a compilation album?

The project fell together naturally through discussions on Metafilter. Faced with diverse musical talents and welling community enthusiasm for such a project, the compilation album begged to be made. For more details, see the history page.

Who appears on the album?

After a period of open submissions, the offical selections were announced on May 4th. For details about our musical contributors, see the artists page.

Who benefits from sales?

All profits from sales of the album will go to The Mockingbird Foundation, a music-education non-profit. More details available on the charity page.

How do I order?

Order the album right here. The album is $10, plus shipping—see the order page for more details.

I’ve got more questions!

If you’ve got a question or suggestion or anything else that isn’t addressed here, please drop us a line at faq AT meficomp DOT com.