Out of a total of (give or take) a hundred varied and wonderful submissions, twenty four tracks made the final cut for the album. It wasn’t easy to trim it down—a lot of really excellent tracks hit the floor—but the results are pretty exciting.

Click any username below to view a profile for the folks responsible for each track, as well as liner notes for their track, contact info, etc.

  1. melissa may & sleepy peteGood Morning, Bubblegum[mp3 sample]
  2. joe lisboaSong for Fred Thomas[mp3 sample]
  3. freneticDirtbag[mp3 sample]
  4. ddfThe Importance of Good Leadership[mp3 sample]
  5. cortexSong for You[mp3 sample]
  6. emelenjrPhia’s House (Symphony of the Stars)[mp3 sample]
  7. almostcoolGood God Damn[mp3 sample]
  8. visual mechanicFalling Behind[mp3 sample]
  9. rooftop secretsEarly Train[mp3 sample]
  10. COBRA!Come On[mp3 sample]
  11. soplerfoI Want Cookies In My Sleep[mp3 sample]
  12. speicusDistance of the Moon[mp3 sample]
  13. andrewraffMetronome[mp3 sample]
  14. JimbobSweet Spot[mp3 sample]
  15. ludwig_vanFebruary Third[mp3 sample]
  16. MikoRattlesnake[mp3 sample]
  17. MythMakerWicked[mp3 sample]
  18. Nahum TatePaternity At Last[mp3 sample]
  19. It’s Raining Florence HendersonWorld Beat Astro Funk[mp3 sample]
  20. InfidelZombieMakin’ Steps[mp3 sample]
  21. mcsweetieBeen Pregnant[mp3 sample]
  22. nanojathObsession[mp3 sample]
  23. Artifice_EternityItalian Ice[mp3 sample]
  24. ND(cent)Where’s Scott Cann[mp3 sample]