In or near New York City?  There’s an awesome meficomp release party on Sunday, December 3rd.  Get your details right over here!

In or near Portland, OR?  Track 1 dynamos The Harvey Girls (now features yours truly, Track 5, on banjo) have a gig on Wednesday, December 6th.  Details here!

Wondering who did the awesome cover art for the CD?  Can’t figure it out from the liner notes?  Wonder no further: it was done by metafilter’s own shortfuse—details on his site.

Wondering why you can’t get a better look at all the album art on this site?  Wondering why we don’t have an Errata page listing things like the shortfuse goof?  Wondering why there’s no calendar for these time-sensitive events?  Me too!  Check back next week, when I hope to make those things exist!