Short version:

Due to an Office Depot snafu, I don’t have my padded mailers.  I’m working a different route, and should have mailers by this time next week if not sooner, to commence shipping ASAP.  Thanksgiving Weekend will probably affect this a bit, alas.

Long version:

So I was hoping—expecting, really—to start stamping and addressing and mailing out CDs this last weekend, but I ran into a problem: my padded envelopes didn’t arrive on Friday as they were supposed to.

Turns out that when their webpage described the shipment as “Delivered”, what they meant was “crap, we’re out of stock.”  I’m not sure how exactly that came about, but here we are.

So I’m going to check out a couple of other options.  The wife may be able to swing something via some powerful shipping demigods with whom she is conversant, and I may be able to find a verifiable, tell-me-you-have-them-in-your-hands vendor locally.  (I could buy these things right now by the twelve-pack, but I hate to waste the money—that increases the unit cost by 50-75%.)

One way or another, though, these things are shipping by next week.