I was just tremendously excited about my Wednesday discovery of the ahead-of-schedule appearance of the CDs. “Ooh,” I thought, “I can start shipping these things this weekend! Before Thanksgiving! Wow!”

And then I thought, wait—I haven’t ordered padded mailers yet! I’d better get on that, and pronto! I checked with my local Office Depot store, because it’s within walking distance, but all they had was 12-packs, at about $0.70 a unit. I can, I thought, do better.

So I went to their website. Lo! 250-count boxes, at about $0.40 a unit! Yay! And free next day delivery! Woo! Yeah!

Everything was coming up puppies. I placed an order for one of those 250-counts, with guaranteed delivery the next day (Friday) no later than 5:30.

But 5:30 rolled by on Friday…and there was no package from OD. So I checked the site. “Delivered”, it said. I checked the UPS tracking number. “No information,” it said. And definitely no package.

According to OD, “delivered” means “delivered to UPS”, not actually delivered. According to UPS, they never saw the package, because that tracking number provided by OD doesn’t even exist. And according to a customer service rep from OD, there’s nothing they can do except “escalate” and/or “regress” it. Bah, ye bloody frackin’ so-and-so.

Right! So no envelopes yet. Which makes mailing things this weekend a bit tricky. I may attempt to leverage some Customer Dissatisfaction today with the local retail store, but I’m not exactly a pit bull by default. It may just be I wait till Monday before anything happens.